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What will I learn in this
3D Animation course?

Unleash your creativity and transform your passion into stunning 3D creations with our expert education.


Achieve a complete 3D art foundation : suitable for all individuals

  • Overview of Digital Production
  • Figure Drawing, Perspective
  • Costumed Figure Drawing Anatomy
  • Previsualization and Animatics
  • Visual Communications
  • Storyboarding
  • Color Theory and Light
  • Introduction to 3D with Maya
  • Modeling- hard surface and organic 1
  • Intro to Texturing and Shading 1
  • Intro to Visual Effects 1
  • Intro to Rigging
  • History and Principles of Animation 1
  • Photoshop for Digital Production
  • Quantitative Principles
  • Digital Photography
4 Months Duration

proficiency in 3D art through Higher education

  • Digital Sculpting
  • Props-Weapons
  • Character Animation 2
  • Hard Surface Modeling 2
  • Rigging 2
  • Lighting and Rendering 2
  • Animation
  • Digital Character Animation 2
  • Previsualization and Animatics
  • Introduction to Compositing
  • Art of Compositing
  • Color Theory and Light
  • Digital Sets
  • Digital Painting
  • Visual Communications
5 Months Duration

Craft an impressive 3D portfolio that will serve as your gateway to the 3D industry

  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Previsualization and Animatics
  • Look Development


  • Character Modeling and Sculpting for Production
  • Character, Creature, Vehicle, Props Weapons, Texturing and Rendering



  • Character Animation
  • Biped, Quad pad, creature
  • Character Rigging
  • Props Weapons Vehicle


Set Design

  • Modeling, Sculpting, Texturing, Rendering


Advanced Compositing

  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Digital Sets



  • Game Creation 1
  • Texturing and Shading 3
  • Lighting and Rendering 3


Digital Matte Painting

3-6 Months Duration

Automotive Design & Digital Sculpting

Rev up Your Automotive Design With Our Expert 3D Product Education


Achieve fundamental skills in using Autodesk Alias software

  • User interface and curves toolbar
  • Learning curves, curves edit toolbar, Surface-Skin, Rail, Square, Freeform Lend, Multisurface Draft
  • Volume Generation-Using Curves
  • Using blueprint Concept car modeling
  • Modeling RIM, Phone or Any hard surface model
3 to 4 Months Duration

Acquire the skill of Sub-D Modeling to transition 2D concepts into dynamic 3D models

  • Master the ins and outs of Sub-D Modeling with Alias or Maya through comprehensive learning.
  • Concept modeling Sketch to 3d – SUBd modeling- Modeling Car Exterior and interior and rendering
3 to 4 Months Duration
Class – A

Gain expertise in advanced surfacing techniques, achieving Class A surfaces.

  • Modeling using Scan data
  • Analysing Patch Layout
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Matching Surface on Top of Mesh
  • Portfolio (5 projects)
4 Months Duration



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